5 Reasons Cincinnati is Amongst the Hottest Cities to Move for Young Families

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Relocating, whether it be for work or social reasons or family obligation, is rough enough as a young, single person. Doing so when you have an entire family to consider can be chaotic and filled with uncertainty. The most important part of your relocation may very well be the interests of your partner and children. Here are some of the reasons that our very own Queen City should be a prime spot to for you and your family to call home.

The Schools

This is often a top priority of location when it comes to families with young or school-aged children. With school districts like Indian Hill, Madeira, Forest Hills, Milford, Sycamore, Wyoming, Beechwood (in Northern Kentucky), Mariemont, Mason, Lakota, Loveland, Kings, and Fort Thomas (in Northern Kentucky), Cincinnati offers many outstanding school districts spread throughout the local area, in a variety of different neighborhoods and areas that can accommodate many different budgets. 

The Weather

Okay, any native Cincinnatian will tell you that the winters here can be downright painful, and the summer humidity hits like a brick wall. However, extreme weather isn’t the norm, and this part of the country often experiences nice, long periods of mild weather. While we may have a few weeks of rough roads in the winter, and weeks in the summer where we feel our faces are melting, it’s an exaggeration to pretend like the climate here offers too many obstacles. We get to experience many different seasons (and even re-visit off-seasons in between), which means we get to enjoy activities that aren’t available to cities that don’t have a rotation in the seasonal weather. 

The Sports

Whether you enjoy cheap beer at a local minor-league hockey game, an exploding scene around a new soccer club, the excitement and electricity of a city celebrating Opening Day for the nation’s first team in Major League Baseball, or the fanaticism that sweeps us up when our NFL team is conquering the AFC North- there is plenty of action in the tri-state to keep a sport’s fan on their toes. If college sports are a bonus draw to the city- fear not. Our local Bearcats and neighbors at The Ohio State offer great football, and our neighbors to the south at UK and Louisville give us great basketball teams to root for!

The Breweries

Cincinnati has a rich German and Irish heritage. This automatically gives us the power to harness some great local brews and a beer scene that is beyond brag-worthy. Just to list a few- 50 West, Urban Artifact, Rhinegeist, Madtree, Taft’s, Listermann, Braxton, Little Miami, and easily 50 others should keep any beer-lover more than busy making the rounds. 

The Family Fun

Cincinnati celebrates one of the oldest and most important Zoo’s in the world. That alone is golden family entertainment. In addition, Cincinnati has several fascinating museums, including Union Terminal- an old, grand train station that now houses the Children’s Museum, Omnimax, History Museum, and Natural Science Museum. We have the historical Coney Island, which offers great waterpark fun, and just north of the city we have King’s Island- a roller coaster-lovers dream. 

Cincinnati is also home to numerous historical sites, breathtaking views, gorgeous parks, a beautiful downtown, and an overwhelming amount of city pride. There is no reason Cincinnati shouldn’t be at the top of the list of cities that you want to raise your family!

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