Top Five School Districts in Greater Cincinnati And the Average Cost of Living in Each District

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Greater Cincinnati is a booming and growing area to raise a family in. Many young or growing families would consider the strength of the local school district to be one of the top priorities when deciding what neighborhood or part of the city is right for them. However, many come with a higher property tax and therefore a higher cost of living. Here is a brief review of some of the top-rated public school districts in or around Greater Cincinnati (North of the river) based on reviews and ratings given by, and what parents should anticipate cost-wise per community when making this decision. 

1. Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

Indian Hill is not only the top-rated school district in the Cincinnati area, but also in the state of Ohio of 605 school districts. With a graduation rate of 92%, it is a district that can be sought after by many parents. It does, however also come with a hefty price tag when you consider that the median household income is over $200,000 with the average home nearing price tags of close to $1,000,000. 

2. Wyoming City School District

This school district is very appealing in the fact that it falls as the #3 rated school district in the whole state of Ohio, meaning it is barely trailing Indian Hill, but the cost of living is much more affordable. Wyoming boasts an astounding 95% graduation rate. With a median family income of about $125,000 and the median cost of a home in this cozy, historic neighborhood and the tight-knit community sits right around $330,000. 

3. Mason City School District

Falling right behind Wyoming is the Mason City School District as the #4 ranked school district in the state of Oho and the #3 in Greater Cincinnati. Similar to #2, Mason also boasts an impressive 95% graduation rate. Even more impressive is how much more affordable the area is to live in, with a median household income of a little over $100,000, and the median cost of a home being around $267,000. 

4. Sycamore School District

Ranked #11 in the state of Ohio, Sycamore Schools are still an excellent choice and the #4 rated district in Cincinnati. Servicing Blue Ash, Montgomery, and surrounding areas, Sycamore boasts a graduation rate of 95 % – similar to the two districts ahead of them but with a much larger district. With the community having a median household income of almost $92,000 and the median cost of a house just shy of $285,000, Sycamore School District is an outstanding bargain for a great education.

5. Madeira City School District

Fifth on our list and #12 overall in the state of Ohio, we have Madeira City Schools. Much like Wyoming, Madeira is a tight-knit community with students attending only 1 elementary, 1 middle, and 1 high school. Their graduation rate slips only slightly at 92%, and the cost of living increases slightly at the median household income of around $118,000 and the median cost of home hanging right around $295,000.

Other notable districts in Cincinnati include Mariemont (#14 in Ohio), Forest Hills (#36 in Ohio), Lakota (#43 in Ohio), Loveland (#51 in Ohio), and Milford (#52 in Ohio). Clearly, Cincinnati continues to be a great place to raise your children with school rankings as some of the top in the entire state. One just has to decide if the price tag is worth it.

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