Four Must Visit Restaurants Across the River from Cincinnati

Trusted and Local: Keep On Moving Company's Commitment to the Tri-State Community

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With the colder weather and the post-holiday blues comes the perfect opportunity to find some new eateries to explore. Most in the food industry would agree that the slower season of the year is the one that follows New Year and it doesn’t let up until the weather gets warmer. This offers a great chance to find a new favorite without long wait lists or crowded bar tops. Here are some of our local favorites to patronize if you’re headed towards Indiana or Northern Kentucky for a meal.

Blinkers Tavern

Located in the Southbank area of Covington, Blinkers Tavern offers a steak that has been voted (more than once) as the best steak in Northern Kentucky. Blinkers also offers an amazing brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings that must be tried by anyone who favors steak and eggs with a good Bloody Mary. The service is never bad, and the ambiance is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or a girls (or guys) night out. It’s also located amongst a hot area for great bars and exciting nightlife- so make an entire night of a great neighborhood.

Third and Main

Speaking of good steaks, Third and Main cannot be overlooked by any lover of steak. Located in Aurora, Indiana, the place offers American, Australian and Japanese Wagyu. There is even a platter of Japanese steaks. Guests even have the option of walking back to the butcher and picking their piece of meat themselves! There aren’t words for the quality of both food and service offered by Third and Main, so make sure to add it to your list of priorities this winter.

Washington Square

Remodeled and with an updated menu by brand-new owners, this small-town café and bar brings in both daily regulars and city-folks passing through alike.  With a fish sandwich that brings some guests in on a daily basis and at least a small handful of dishes featuring goetta (a Cincinnati favorite), the menu is never boring or without several options to catch the eye. The burgers are some of the best in town. And more likely than not, the owner himself is going to swing by to make sure you’re having a great time and a great meal. Make your way out to this quaint hotspot in Burlington, Kentucky day or night- the breakfast menu is just as exciting as the lunch and dinner menu.

Bard’s Burgers

As far as local burger- favorites go, this one has major bragging rights. They have been featured on the Food Network’s Ginormous Food series! The bravest burger lovers might feel compelled to try the Bardzilla Burger Challenge (the description alone could cause a heart-attack). With a tagline “a dive that’s worth the drive”, who could pass up checking this spot out for a burger made of Ohio-raised Wagyu beef and a cold beer, finishing up with a deep-fried Twinkie? This place definitely has an atmosphere that is all its own.

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