The Best Time of Year to Plan Your Move

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While we like to plan our moves, sometimes it isn’t an option. However, if you are lucky enough, you want to look at when is the best rates? Maybe you are looking to purchase a new home and want to get the best price. Or perhaps your in a college town and want to get a new apartment. When the best time to move is, will vary from what your needs are and your location.

For Better Moving Rates

If you are looking for better moving rates then you will want to avoid moving from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is the time of year that many moving companies are very busy and will often have higher rates. This is why having a moving company with transparent rates helps you determine what it will cost, no matter what time of year it is. September through April is when the moving companies seem to slow down a bit.


Weather is important too. If you have a move coming up, you should always keep an eye on the weather. Should you live in an area that there are rainy seasons, you probably would want to avoid that timeframe if possible. The same with areas that have heavy snowfall. Snow can make it pretty miserable to move in and easier to have slip and fall.

College Student Town

If you live in or are moving to a college town, you will notice that apartments are on the cycle with the college. When the college students start school and end, those days could be really busy in the town. If you are not a college student you probably want to avoid those places. It is far easier to move when there isn’t everyone in-town moving. Also, truck rentals will be far less costly too, should you be renting a truck. The demand will be down for them and it will be easier to pick one up and less costly.

Moving in the Middle of the Month

When you are looking at the best time to move, you should consider the middle of the month. Most people start their new journey at the beginning or very end of the month. Because of this truck rentals are more costly and are more in demand. This is the same when looking for a moving company. If you have not yet seen the pattern, you want to move when the overall demand is low.

Best Day to Move

The best day to move is in the middle of the week. While weekends are more convenient for many, there, again, is more demand. The higher demand will come with higher costs. This will also give you time on the weekend to get unpacked and set up for the upcoming week.

Best Time to Move

Most of the time, early mornings are the best time to move. This is especially true for moves that are going on in areas where it will be getting hot by the afternoon. You will want to beat that heat and start loading and moving in the early morning hours.

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