5 Things to Look for In a Moving Company

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If you are looking at moving and realize that this job is too big to tackle on your own, you will need to find a fast and reliable moving company. However, where do you start and how do you know that you can trust them with your precious belongings? Let’s take a look at what you should look for.


Most of us have social media. You could ask your friends who they have used and recommended. There are also location pages that would allow you to ask certain communities as well. This is a good start to find a moving company that is reliable and comes recommended.


Look at their reviews. This can be an inside look at what their strengths and weaknesses are. While we all know about map reviews, there are actually places all over the internet where people can leave reviews. Be sure that you find those places and read up. Find out the good and bad, this allows you to go in understanding what to expect. This can be a fountain of information and help you avoid some real pitfalls.

License & Insurance

License and insurance are important in a moving company. Most will have no problems showing your proof that they are fully licensed and insured to operate. Many times you will even see a copy on the wall for everyone to see. This is important as you want your things insured should there be an accident with the truck or something gets damaged in the move. You want to have your things covered at all times. Keep On Moving Company is fully licensed and insured to keep you and your belongings safe. 

Transparent Rates

Transparent rates help you decide right away which company you can afford and compare rates without the hassle of calling. If a moving company has their rates published, they cannot add on extra fees and blindside you with a large bill. Be sure that before you book that you confirm those fees so that you avoid any pitfalls there. Keep On Moving Company’s hourly rates are plainly listed on the website, no hidden fees. Long distance moves and deliveries are calculated by distance, so please call for a guaranteed quote. 

Fitting Your Individual Needs

Every move is a little different. While they might have transparent rates you might have more than what is listed for their standard move. Maybe you have a large company that has some large machinery. Perhaps you have lots of offices that need to be move. Or, maybe you have vehicles and other larger household items that you need help with. If you find yourself confused as to whether you fall under the transparent rates, ask. Some people will need general labor to help them move things onto their own truck, most moving companies can provide that. But, be sure that they do a background check on their employees and training so they know how to properly pack and move heavy items. 

Packing is a process that many of us don’t like. It takes a lot of time and if it is your own thing, it can take you down memory lane. However, if you hire packers, they will not waste that kind of time. They will simply start packing up your things and help you move along a little quicker. Hiring professionals helps you get where you need to be and settled faster.

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