College Moving: 10 Tips to Follow

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1. Check with what furnishings are provided.

 Most college students move into the dorms at first which will mean that you will have, most likely, a desk, dresser, closet, and bed provided. You should check with your dorm to see what the room comes with. You will also possibly have a roommate. 

2. Connect with your roommates.

If campus will share the contact details for you and your roommate to connect you can decide what you can bring and what they can bring. They might have a microwave while you have a mini-fridge. Space is prime in dorms and nobody wants to buy everything at one time. So, if you and your roommates can coordinate, that will save on everyone bringing everything.

3. Move in later or early if possible.

Moving in with everyone else will be stressful. If you can hold off and move in a little later or go early, this will allow you to have more space. Everyone will be moving at one time. If you know what to expect you can prepare. If you have heavy objects or lots of boxes and you are on a higher floor, you might want to consider a dolly to save your back and trips.

4. Plan ahead.

Check to see where your dorm is on campus and where the closest parking lot will be. Ensure you know where the nearest department stores and hardware are. 

5. Stay calm and have back up plans.

Remember, you are going to forget things, it is pretty common. Don’t sweat it and just pick up what you need after you arrive.

6. Bring friends to help move you.

When you arrive at the dorms, you will be asked, most likely to pull up and drop all your things on the sidewalk. You will need someone to watch your pile while you take your car to park it in the appropriate spot. This is where friends can really be handy. They can also grab things to help move them to the room. If you are moving to a campus that you don’t know anyone, it is nice to have some familiar faces to help whether that be your parents or friends.

7. Get Organized.

You will be sharing tight quarters with other people and will quickly learn that you will have to figure out organization. You will need to ensure that you determine what will work for you. For example, some dorms have community bathrooms that you will have to travel to go and shower. This means that you will need a shower caddy of some kind. This allows you to bring your things back and forth to your bathroom. 

8. Discuss your shared spaces. 

Others will have a shared bathroom among roommates or suitemates. This can be decided how you would like to organize those shared space between the people that are sharing it.

9. Start packing up early.

When the year is over, you want to start packing before finals. While the semester starts winding down, you might have collected some things in your dorm that you no longer need. This is time to clean that out.

10. Hire a professional mover.

Of course, you can also hire a professional moving company to get all your things into the room. While most college students choose to do it themselves, since funds are limited and what you bring is limited, professional movers are an option.

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