10 Step Checklist for your First Apartment

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One of the most exciting and challenging chapters in a person’s life is the liberation of moving into their first apartment. Perhaps the move takes place during their college years, or maybe the big move into the independence of the adult world happens after they complete school. Either way, it can be an overwhelming time to think about the practical logistics of what will be needed or taken into consideration when moving day comes around. We have compiled a short list of necessitates for your first apartment.

Laundry Essentials

It isn’t the most common thing to find a washer and dryer inside an apartment unit that is being rented. While not always the case, it’s more than likely that laundry will need to be hauled to a laundromat, a parent’s home, or at the very least, to the basement of an apartment building for a shared laundry room. Make sure hampers that are durable and will stay intact are with you during those trips. Keep and iron and ironing board in your home. Don’t forget your laundry detergent and fabric sheets!

Trash Cans

Adults use trash cans. When you have your own place, it is no longer acceptable to throw your trash into an old Kroger bag. Buy a decent trash can for the kitchen and make sure to keep trash bags on hand for it. Have a trash can for the bathroom, too.

Basic Tools

This one can often be overlooked because tools don’t always feel essential until something is broken. However, having the following items in imperative in any home: measuring tape, hammer, flathead screwdriver, scissors, a sewing kit, Philips head screwdriver, duct tape, flashlight, extension cords, matches, a few candles, and a variety of batteries. You’ll be glad you took these items into consideration at the first sign of trouble!

Cleaning Supplies

Like tools, this one can easily be overlooked as well because it lacks the glamor of what the eye sees. But it is definitely important to have the following cleaning supplies available for use: Windex, an all-purpose cleaner, sponges, a broom/Swiffer and/or vacuum, a mop of Swiffer Wet Jet, paper towels, Comet (it’s great for both the bathtub and the toilet!), a bottle of watered-down vinegar (one of the most over-looked cleaning solutions), dish soap, and anti-bacterial wipes.

Toilet Paper

Please, don’t let yourself forget to purchase or run out of these. Coffee filters and fast-food napkins are no longer acceptable after you’ve turned 21.

First-Aid Kit

At the very least, have the basics for a first-aid kit. Band-Aids, an Ace bandage, antibiotic cream, burn cream, thermometer, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and an antacid.

Safety Items

Your new apartment should have at least one of the following already furnished by your landlord: a smoke detector, a CO2 detector, and a fire extinguisher. Know the placement of these items in your home, and if they are not there, contact your landlord or purchase some as soon as possible.

Small Appliances

It is never a terrible idea to have on hand a window AC unit and a space heater, in emergency situations where a landlord may not be able to get to you quickly enough to make a repair and you want to stay comfortable. 

Four Place Settings

A great rule as a young adult is to have four of everything that you would need to serve food and drinks to guests. Have four dinner plates, four smaller plates, four glasses or cups, four coffee mugs, and four of each utensil needed to eat with.

Kitchen Essentials

The heart of the home is the kitchen. Be prepared with the following essentials in your kitchen: colander, 2-3 mixing bowls, storage bowls, (at least) one large pan, one small pan, one large pot, one small pot, a cutting board, assorted spatulas and serving spoons, mixing utensils, a can opener, a potato peeler, a peering knife, cutting knives, a pizza cutter, cookie sheets, a muffin pan, cake pans, a toaster, a mixer, a blender, a crock pot, a microwave, and the most important item in any home: a coffee maker.

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