8 Great Cincinnati Neighborhoods for Young Adults to Find Their First Apartments

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Cincinnati is a booming city, and it grows a little more each day. The trendiness of the city has really come out of the woodwork in the past decade, and a handful of neighborhoods have emerged more so than others to make names for themselves as great places for young people to call home. Here is a list of the hottest neighborhoods for young adults looking for their first apartments to check out.


As the mecca of college life in Cincinnati, Clifton has always been at the forefront of communities for young people to find great first apartments. Whether a student is attending Cincinnati State, the University of Cincinnati, or Xavier, Clifton is packed full of cool shops, small eateries, and great bar and social scenes for students and young graduates alike.


A neighboring community to Clifton, Northside is also full of great apartments for college students and recent grads. Slightly smaller than Clifton, it offers a similar scene on a reduced scale and is a short drive to most of the local colleges and universities in Cincinnati.

Price Hill

One of the great perks of living just west of the city is a reduced rate of living with all of the convenience of easy access to the city, as well as some breath-taking views of downtown. Price Hill doesn’t offer as many amenities as some of the other neighborhoods on this list, but can definitely save a young person a lot of rent money.


Just across the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky, Newport offers a vibrant social scene with easy access to downtown Cincinnati. On the plus side for many young people looking for that special neighborhood to call their own for the first time, Kentucky bars stay open slightly later than Ohio bars. On the downside, rent can tend to be a little pricier in Newport.


Also located across the River in Norther Kentucky, Covington is it’s very own city that offers a cheaper rate of living than it’s counterparts in Cincinnati and Newport. Covington has one of the biggest up-and-coming social scenes and plenty of fun to be hand in the Southbank/ Licking River district area as well as the Main Strauss area of the city. Covington is also expansive and offers many different vibes because the city is split up into many smaller areas- some more conducive to the life of a young renter than others.

East Walnut Hills

Back in Ohio, East Walnut Hills offers a close proximity to the colleges and universities and acts as a buffer between uptown and the neighborhoods that start blending into the suburban areas. 

Pleasant Ridge

Located a few miles up Interstate 71, Pleasant Ridge offers a different kind of atmosphere than that of the communities closer to the city. It has a more laid-back vibe than the fast-paced neighborhoods that host more college students. It’s a neighborhood where one is more likely to see Yoga studios and young families than loud college parties. With the quieter atmosphere comes a slightly larger rent.

Mount Washington

Located east of downtown Cincinnati, this neighborhood offers a longer commute than most of the others on the list, but also offers a cheaper rent with the feel of a quieter, suburban area that may appeal more to young professionals who find themselves living along for the first time.

No matter what neighborhood a young person may find themselves renting their first place, the appeal of living in Cincinnati is as unbeatable as our hometown pride, breweries, local eateries, colleges, and cost of living!

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