What Is the Average Income of a Realtor in Kentucky? | Kentucky Realtor Salary

What Is the Average Income of a Realtor in Kentucky

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If you’re considering a career in real estate in Kentucky or just curious about the earning potential in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll delve into the average income of realtors in the Bluegrass State and explore the factors that can impact their earnings.

Kentucky Realtor Salary Overview

On average, real estate agents in Kentucky earn an annual income of approximately $72,695, as of August 26, 2023. This figure is based on data from 209 reported salaries in the state. While the average income for Kentucky realtors falls below the national average, it’s essential to remember that earnings can vary significantly based on factors like location, experience, and skills.

Earnings Based on Experience

A realtor’s years of experience can significantly influence their income. Here’s a breakdown of how earnings correlate with experience in Kentucky:

  • Less than 1 year: Realtors with less than one year of experience may earn lower salaries due to their relatively brief time in the field.

  • 1 to 2 years: $65,538 Those with 1 to 2 years of experience can expect modest increases in their income as they gain more knowledge and build their client base.

  • 3 to 5 years: Realtors with 3 to 5 years of experience often see a notable bump in their earnings as they establish themselves in the industry.

  • 6 to 9 years: With 6 to 9 years of experience, real estate agents in Kentucky can command higher salaries, reflecting their expertise and track record.

  • More than 10 years: $85,990 Realtors with over a decade of experience are among the highest earners, as their extensive knowledge and network contribute to their success.

Top-Paying Companies

The real estate landscape in Kentucky boasts several top-paying companies that offer lucrative opportunities for real estate agents. Here are some of the leading firms and their average annual salaries:

  • Comey & Shepherd Realtors: This company, with a 4.6 rating and 24 reviews, offers realtors an average salary of $100,000 per year.

  • Pivot Realty Group: With a stellar 5.0 rating and 44 reviews, this firm provides real estate agents an average salary of $89,443 annually.

  • PLACE: Earning a 4.4 rating from 14 reviews, PLACE offers an average annual salary of $73,408 for its realtors.

  • Showami: Showami, with a 4.0 rating from 21 reviews, provides real estate agents an average salary of $73,168 per year.

  • Semonin Realtors: This company, boasting a 4.7 rating and 20 reviews, offers an average annual salary of $50,000 to its real estate agents.

Highest-Paying Cities for Realtors Near Kentucky

While Kentucky itself has varying income levels for real estate agents, neighboring cities can offer higher earning potential. Here are some cities near Kentucky with higher average salaries for realtors:

  • Louisville, KY: Realtors in Louisville earn an average annual salary of $85,139, with 36 reported salaries.

  • Frankfort, KY: Frankfort-based real estate agents enjoy an average yearly income of $74,287, as reported by seven salaries.

  • Florence, KY: Realtors in Florence, Kentucky, also earn an average of $74,287 per year, with seven reported salaries.

  • Bowling Green, KY: In Bowling Green, real estate agents report an average annual salary of $74,113, with 21 salaries included.

  • Elizabethtown, KY: Elizabethtown-based realtors earn an average income of $71,521 per year, based on 17 reported salaries.

  • Lexington, KY: In Lexington, real estate agents report an average annual salary of $66,624, with 34 salaries contributing to this figure.

  • Owensboro, KY: Realtors in Owensboro, Kentucky, earn an average yearly income of $64,340, based on 10 salaries.

  • Winchester, KY: In Winchester, real estate agents report an average annual income of $49,268, with 11 salaries included.

  • Georgetown, KY: Georgetown-based realtors earn an average income of $48,255 per year, as reported by nine salaries.

Comparing Salaries in Kentucky

If you’re wondering how your salary in Kentucky compares to other locations, it’s important to consider the cost of living and regional differences. Our tool allows you to explore salary comparisons, helping you gauge where your earnings stand.

Skills That Pay Well

In the real estate industry, certain skills and qualifications can significantly impact a realtor’s earning potential. Here’s a skill that stands out:

  • Market Analysis: Realtors proficient in market analysis can earn approximately 61.67% more than the average base salary in Kentucky. This skill has seen a significant increase in demand, with a 1400.00% job trend since 2018.

Additional Factors Influencing Earnings

Several factors can influence a realtor’s income, including:

  • Education and Qualifications: Higher education and relevant certifications can open doors to higher-paying opportunities in the real estate field.

  • Local Real Estate Market: The state of the local real estate market, including supply and demand, can impact the number of transactions and, consequently, a realtor’s earnings.

  • Networking and Client Base: Building a strong network and a loyal client base can lead to repeat business and referrals, increasing income over time.

  • Negotiation Skills: Effective negotiation can result in higher commissions and better deals for clients, contributing to a realtor’s reputation and income.

  • Marketing Strategies: Realtors who employ effective marketing strategies can attract more clients and close deals faster, ultimately boosting their earnings.

Salary Satisfaction

According to ratings and reviews, approximately 70% of real estate agents in the United States believe their salaries are sufficient to cover the cost of living in their areas. This suggests that many realtors find their earnings in line with their financial needs.


The average income of a realtor in Kentucky, like in any other state, can vary based on numerous factors. While the state’s average falls below the national average, real estate remains a dynamic field with opportunities for growth and higher earnings, particularly for experienced agents and those with specialized skills. If you’re considering a career in real estate in Kentucky, carefully evaluate the local market, build your skills, and leverage networking to maximize your income potential. Remember that success in real estate often comes with dedication, persistence, and continuous learning.

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