Real Estate Agent Moving Guide: Top Tips for Your Clients

Real Estate Agent Moving Guide: Top Tips for Your Clients

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Are you a real estate agent looking to provide exceptional support to your clients during their move? Moving can be one of the most stressful aspects of the buying or selling process, but as their trusted real estate ally, you can make it smoother. In this comprehensive moving guide designed for real estate agents and realtors, we’ll share invaluable moving tips and tricks for your clients, ensuring they have the best possible moving experience.

1. Offer a Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Whether your clients are buying or selling a home, the list of moving tasks they need to tackle can be overwhelming. To help them stay organized and reduce stress, provide them with a detailed moving checklist. This checklist covers everything from eight weeks before moving day to two weeks after the move, ensuring they don’t overlook essential tasks. It’s a valuable resource to share with your clients.

2. Be Their Moving Company Expert

One of the most stressful aspects of moving for clients is finding a reliable moving company. Help ease this burden by becoming their personalized moving company guide. Here are some moving tips for addressing common dilemmas related to hiring a moving company:
  • Assist with Booking a Moving Company: Finding the right moving company can be challenging. Updater offers a tool to help you and your clients find reputable moving companies quickly and easily. You can browse a database of reliable, professional moving companies or guide your clients to use the tool themselves to request and secure a quote.
  • Inform Them About Moving Insurance: Many homeowners have questions about or are unaware of the need for moving insurance. Offer tips to help your clients choose the right moving insurance policy to protect their belongings during the move.
  • Discuss Moving Deductions: If your clients meet specific criteria, they may qualify for moving expense deductions at tax time. Emphasize this moving tip to clients who are eligible.
  • Provide Guidance on Tipping Movers: Clients often wonder how much to tip movers. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, you can offer advice on how to handle this common question.
  • Emphasize Smart Consolidation: Moving costs can add up quickly with expenses like moving companies, insurance, and tips. Help your clients save money on moving day by offering tips on consolidating their belongings before the move.

3. Share Expert Packing Advice

Packing is a critical part of the moving process, and the way clients pack can significantly impact their experience. Offer these 50 moving tips to your clients to guide them through the packing process effectively. Additionally, here are some tips to address specific packing challenges:
  • Help Them Find Moving Boxes: Finding quality moving boxes can be frustrating. Before your clients order moving boxes online, provide them with 20 suggestions for finding free moving boxes. You might even consider gifting moving boxes as a creative closing gift.
  • Recommend Recyclable Plastic Moving Bins: For clients with heavier items, suggest recyclable plastic moving bins as a sturdy alternative to traditional cardboard boxes.
  • Advise on Proper Labeling: Once the moving boxes are packed, offer advice on the best way to label them to simplify the unpacking process.
  • Optimize Unpacking: Teach clients about creating an “open-first” box with essential items they’ll need immediately in their new home.
  • Guide on Disposing of Toxic Items: Some items are not allowed on moving trucks due to safety regulations. Offer guidance on how clients can safely dispose of toxic items.
  • Recommend Electronics Recycling: Old electronics require proper disposal. Share tips on how and where clients can recycle their outdated devices.

4. Lead the Way in Transferring Services

Transferring services and updating information is a crucial aspect of the moving process. Help your clients navigate this process smoothly by reminding them to update the following (and when to do it):
  • Transferring Utilities: Make sure your clients are prepared with the necessary documents to transfer their utility services to their new home.
  • Saving on Cable, Phone, and Internet: Provide clients with tips to save money when switching cable, phone, and internet services.
  • Forwarding Mail: Explain the process of forwarding mail through the United States Postal Service, including when to start and how to confirm the application.
  • Updating Voter Registration, Driver’s License, and Vehicle Registration: Share information on how clients can update their personal documents, especially if they’re moving out of state.
  • Researching Homeowners Insurance: Address common questions your clients may have about how their move affects their homeowners insurance and how to update their policy for their new home.

5. Exclusive Discounts and Rewards with Keep On Moving Company

We understand that your clients may be looking for the best moving services at affordable rates. That’s why we’ve partnered with Keep On Moving Company to offer you an exclusive affiliate program. When you become our partner, you’ll provide your clients with:
  • $100 OFF Moving Services: Your clients will enjoy a significant discount on their moving services when they choose Keep On Moving Company.
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card for Every Move that Schedules: As a bonus, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card for every client who schedules a move with Keep On Moving Company through your referral.
  • FREE Personalized Marketing Material: Access a range of marketing materials customized to your brand to promote this exclusive offer to your clients effectively.
By becoming our partner and offering these fantastic discounts and rewards, you can further enhance your clients’ moving experience and strengthen your client-agent relationship for future transactions. By providing your clients with these moving tips and being their go-to resource during their move, you’ll become the trusted moving expert they rely on. Your support will leave a lasting impression, making you their top choice for real estate services in the future. Partner with Keep On Moving Company today!

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