Preparing for Your Long Distance Move: What You Need to Know

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Moving is always a stressful time, but especially so when you’re moving long distance. There are a lot of logistics to keep track of and often tight timelines involved with long distance moves. That’s why we recommend planning ahead and getting organized early in the process. Keep On Moving Company will provide an overview of what you need to know to prepare for your long distance move so that you can hit the ground running on moving day! 

Create a Timeline for Your Move 

The first step in preparing for your move is creating a timeline. This timeline should include things like when you’ll be packing up, when your furniture and other belongings will be picked up by movers, when they’ll arrive at their destination, and when you’ll be able to unpack and settle into your new home. It’s also important to figure out if there are any special requirements at either end of the move—like hiring someone to help move large items or renting a storage unit for excess belongings. Having this timeline written down will make it much easier to keep track of everything that needs to happen before, during, and after the move. 

Research Moving Companies 

When it comes time to pick a moving company, research is key! It’s important to find reputable companies that have experience with long-distance moves. Reviews, reviews, reviews! Be sure to check reviews from past customers and get quotes from multiple companies before making your decision—this way you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible service for the best possible price. Additionally, if there are any special services needed (like storage or packing supplies), be sure that these are included in the quote provided by each company as this could drastically affect the total cost of your move. 

Organize Your Belongings 

Once you’ve chosen a moving company, it’s time to start organizing all of your belongings! Start by sorting through all of your items and deciding which ones need to go with you on the move—and which ones can stay behind or be donated/sold/thrown away. This will not only help cut down on costs associated with transportation but also make it much easier once you arrive in your new home because all of the necessary items will already be sorted out! After everything has been sorted out, begin packing up boxes in an organized manner according to room or type of item (clothes, toiletries, kitchenware etc.). Labeling all boxes clearly will help keep everything streamlined on moving day as well as ensure nothing gets lost in transit! 

Moving can be daunting but preparing ahead of time can help make this transition smoother. Creating a timeline for all aspects of your long distance move is essential – from researching and picking moving companies to organizing your belongings – having a plan makes everything easier! With these tips in hand, you’ll soon have everything packed up and ready for your big adventure! Good luck!

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