Moving Locally? 10 Tips for a Low Stress Move

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Moving can be highly stressful for some people. Change isn’t always a welcomed thing and a lot of second-guessing can go into the process. Embrace your move by getting yourself prepared and organized with these 10 tips to help keep it low stress with even the potential of making it enjoyable.

1. Purge

If you know you have a moving coming, even if it isn’t quite here yet, starting to purge can help you not move things that you don’t use. Almost everyone has things in their closets and laying around the house or in the basement that they simply don’t use and probably won’t be needed again. It is time to get rid of that stuff for both the sake of decluttering and making the move more simple. You could start by doing a couple of closets every night or doing a weekend sweep of the basement and/or attic.

2. Make Lists

Make a list of all of your bills, so that you can change the address or shut off services as needed. Making lists on what to do each day coming up before the move can make it seem a lot more simple and far less overwhelming by completing a task or two each day.

3. Pack One Room at a Time

It is really easy for someone to move about the house packing in little spurts here and there and not really getting much done. Keep yourself to one room and complete that room. Progress will be much more apparent when you start seeing results in whole spaces. Be sure that you label the boxes and keep some boxes out for donations as you go.

4. Start Packing as Soon as You Know You are Moving.

Start packing early. There will be items such as out-of-season clothing, movies and books, exercise equipment, linens, picture frames, holiday decorations, small kitchen appliances, and other non-necessities that can be packed ahead of time. This will give you more time to get everything in order and seem less rushed.

5. Put a Labeling System in Place

Have a labeling system that will help you identify the boxes without having to open each one. You will be happy when it comes time to unload boxes and you can identify exactly which room each should be situated in. 

6. Use Stackable Boxes

When moving, using uniform boxes ensures that they stack more sturdily and can be wheeled onto the truck with a hand cart more easily. This simple trick could save you a lot of wasted time. 

7. Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

You might want to take some time off of work is encouraged in order for the move to go more smoothly. There is a feeling of reassurance that comes with being able to oversee all progress. Knowing exact dates and times that things need to happen will make the process seem less chaotic. Maybe you’ll want to pack everything and stack it but have the professionals load it onto the truck and move it to your new location. Planning is important as it will give you a timeframe to work toward. On moving day, be sure that you have any snacks or drinks out for the crew, since you will most likely have your kitchen packed away.

8. Keep a Bag or Box of Personal Items

When you move, you probably won’t have the time to unpack everything immediately. Keeping an overnight bag with some personal items and things that will be needed in the first few days of relocating can be very helpful. This way, you can take a shower and get ready for your day without digging through boxes, potentially creating an even bigger mess than the task ahead of simply unpacking. Adding in some finger foods and snacks can also be helpful.

9. Move Your Boxes to the Appropriate Location

Once you are in your new home, don’t just unload everything into one room. Drop the piles of boxes into the appropriate rooms to be unpacked. You’ll be relieved when you aren’t staring at one giant mountain of boxes that need to be sorted before unpacking.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help.

You can hire professional movers, laborers, or call on friends and family. But don’t try to do it alone. It can take five people one trip or it can take you five trips. Getting help can be a huge weight off your shoulders and a favor that can easily be returned. 

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