Four Important Tips for a Long-Distance Move

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Moving from one house to another is typically a stressful event, even if the move is just right up the road. Moving long distance can be even more of a hassle and headache. Dealing with realtors from out of state, trying to organize your belongings to make a trip over hundreds of miles, and situating all business that will be difficult to manage long-distance are not tasks that anyone enjoys tackling. Here are a few tips from us that are meant to make your move easier to conquer. 

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

It is not uncommon right now to be defrauded with long-distance moving companies. Many agencies function as middlemen to “contract” moving companies and coordinate long-distance moves. This is not ideal because this setup often results in lack of accountability, bad communication, last-minute conflicts, and hidden expenses. The best way to accommodate your long-distance move is to find one company that you can be in direct contact with that manages the move themselves, not contracts with a third party. The smaller the company, the more accountability there usually is, and typically more obvious integrity in labor and costs. We recommend hiring your moving company a month in advance to your moving date.

Schedule Non-Essentials to Ship First

The window for your delivery company may not always perfectly align with the time you need to be moved into your new home. The best way to avoid being without your belongings for a prolonged period is to ship non-essential items first and live with the bare minimum before your move. Ideally, you could even go without furniture for the few days leading up to the time you, yourself depart. Keeping snacks, toiletries, a few outfits, basic luggage, and small, personal electronics is the best way to do this, because those are all items that you can easily fly or drive cross-country with. It is better to arrive to your new destination with your belongings already delivered than to have to wait and coordinate backwards for your items. 

Utility Installations

Make sure to have installations for things such as cable and internet scheduled so you do not have to live without them once you have arrived at your new home. Have water, trash, sanitation, and gas and electric scheduled to be in your name upon arrival so that you have established utility bills in your name and at your new address in case you need proof of address when obtaining a new license, local memberships, etc. 

Have a Plan for Arrival

This could mean a number of things. Will you be able to take ownership of your new home immediately upon arrival? If so, make sure your movers know where your belongings need to go once inside of your home. Will you need to wait before occupancy of your new home? You will need to make sure you have arranged storage for your items that the long-distance movers will be delivering as well as movers for the day you can take occupancy and living arrangements (likely a hotel or AirB&B) for yourself while you wait to reside in your new home. Nothing could be worse than arriving to a new city without a plan.

Once these key items have been settled, make sure you have situated transportation, jobs, childcare, and start seeking out your new social life!

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