Five Cincinnati Day Trips for Local Seniors

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Cincinnati offers a wide array of fun activities for locals of all ages, but sometimes it can be more challenging to find favorite spots that are easily accessible and interesting for retirees and residents of senior communities. Here is our list of favorite day trips for those enjoying their golden years who wish to stay active and entertained and want to explore all that the Queen City has to offer!

Great American Ball Park

Although navigating the traffic and roads of Downtown Cincinnati can offer its own challenges, Great American Ball Park offers easily accessible seats and decks for those who may struggle with climbing and walking, and parking in the underground parking structure offers easy elevator access to GABP. What better way to spend a leisurely day than enjoying America’s Pastime in the city that gave birth to Major League Baseball?

The Ark Encounter

About 45 minutes away in Williamstown, Kentucky is the Ark Encounter– a life-size Noah’s Arc with multiple decks of fun and biblical depictions. The Arc includes a zoo, a virtual reality experience, presentations, and state-of-the-art exhibits that display what life on the Arc would have been like for Noah and his family. 

The Cincinnati Art Museum

Located in beautiful Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum offers one of the most breathtaking building in Greater Cincinnati. Most of the museum is accessible to wheelchairs and even better- admission is free! One could spend hours upon hours exploring the different themed galleries and exhibits that span decades, art styles, subjects, and even one dedicated entirely to the gorgeousness of the Queen City, itself. Accessibility Group Tours can be scheduled, which involves a guided tour with a volunteer that can accommodate special sensory needs to anyone who may be sight or hearing impaired, or in need of other special services while visiting the museum. After visiting the Art Museum, don’t skip checking out the rest of Eden Park- complete with a lovely reflecting pool and the fascinating Krohn Conservatory. 

The Cincinnati Ballet

With a plethora of programs throughout the year, the Cincinnati Ballet offers an experience that can be different every time one decides to indulge in a performance. In the coming months alone, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Snow White are all on the horizon and so anyone could enjoy multiple visits to multiple venues hosting the ballet in the near future. What better way to celebrate and admire the combined beauty of movement, athleticism, music, and exquisite visuals than an evening at the ballet?

The Creation Museum 

Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, the Creation Museum draws visitors from all over the United States and is a beloved favorite among seniors. Boasting a zoo, a bookstore, a planetarium, several exhibits, and botanical gardens, the Creation Museum can easily be an experience that requires multiple days to explore.

Your golden years are meant to be just that- golden! Spend them exploring and enjoying. You worked hard to relish this time in your life.

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