Creating a Comprehensive Relocation Program

Creating a Comprehensive Relocation Program

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Whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 powerhouse or a thriving local business, the concept of providing relocation benefits to employees is likely familiar. Perhaps you’ve even utilized these benefits for your own move. However, the potential breadth of opportunities and advantages that come with expanding these benefits into a comprehensive relocation program might be yet unexplored by your organization.

A robust relocation program not only gives your recruiting team a competitive edge but also contributes to talent retention and broadens your talent market. If your aim is to develop a relocation program that aligns with your recruiting goals, it’s time to move beyond a simple lump sum package.

Key Components of a Complete Relocation Program

  1. Housing Support: Finding a new home is an exciting yet challenging part of any move. A comprehensive relocation program should ease this burden for relocating employees. Keep On Moving Company suggests businesses offer assistance in selling the current home, buying a new one, or finding a rental property. This can involve connecting employees with local real estate agents or apartment locators. Temporary housing solutions can also be arranged for those needing more time before settling in permanently.

  2. Logistical Support: Moving involves extensive planning and organizing. To make the process smoother for employees, companies can provide logistical support from day one. Working with a corporate relocation partner like Keep On Moving Company allows businesses to offer comprehensive moving assistance, including packing and unpacking services, household goods transportation, storage, and travel arrangement management. Establishing a single point of contact ensures seamless coordination between the organization, the employee, and other vendors.

  3. Family Support: Recognizing that a significant number of employees relocate with their families, businesses can extend support not only to the employees but also to their families. This encompasses childcare support, staggered moving plans for families moving at different times, job search resources for family members, and information about local adult care centers and senior activities. Clear and consistent communication, flexibility at every step, and comprehensive support for the entire family are essential in ensuring a successful move.

Partnering with Keep On Moving Company for Comprehensive Support

Building a complete relocation program is more manageable with the right partner. Keep On Moving Company, with its extensive experience, is your ally in crafting easy, stress-free, and high-quality relocation experiences. As a locally grounded yet globally connected moving expert, we offer localized support for your employees’ relocations. As one of the premier single-source providers of relocation services, our team is equipped to handle all your moving needs, no matter the scale.

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