Six Free or Inexpensive Ways to Bond with Your Family This Holiday Season

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It’s the time of year where we all go out of our way to spend infinite amounts of money to show our loved ones what they mean to us. But what are we doing WITH our families to show them our love and devotion? When the cold weather moves in and families have to find creative ways to occupy their time, it becomes easier to band together and bond. Here are some fun ways to bond with your parents, siblings, or children this holiday season.

Religious Services

No matter what your religious preference is, there are traditions, stories, and meanings behind different holidays that are celebrated this time of year. Spending time bonding with each other in a spiritual or religious way is a great way to share values and culture. Even for those without religion, it is the perfect time of the year to explore the magic and togetherness of having a giving and compassionate spirit.


Yes, caroling as in singing in public. This is a great tradition to start with family, a group of friends, or an organization you belong to. Rally the kids’ soccer team or Girl Scouts together, your trivia team, your co-workers, your bible study group, or any other company in your life that you want to share some fun, festive holiday comradery with!

Bring Back Family Game Night

Dig up your old Clue or Scrabble boards, your poker chips, your Uno cards or whatever the old family favorite may be and get lost in the laughter that can often be shared over some light-hearted competition. The memories of catching Dad cheating at Monopoly or your sister cracking up during charades will be what you continue to laugh about through the decades.

Christmas Light Cruisin’

Gas up and gather the kiddos into the car to drive around and check out some of the most exciting neighborhood lights in Cincinnati! Many local neighborhoods hold the tradition of going above and beyond with their festive light and decoration shows. Click here to find homes near you that are worth driving to see! In addition to local homes that do it up just right, you can also catch spectacular light shows at Coney Island, Sharon Woods, the Boone County Fair Grounds, and the Creation Museum.


Teach your children your mother’s or your grandmother’s best cookie recipes. Let them help sprinkle powdered sugar, ice pumpkin rolls, and roll peanut butter balls for buckeyes! When you are finished, you’ll have yummy treats, warm holiday memories, and something special to share with neighbors and friends. 


What better time than now to introduce an extra dose of humanity into your life and the lives of your loved ones than to start volunteering together? This is a great opportunity to spend time with the seniors in a local nursing home or pass out gifts to children at local churches or shelters. Make human connections with people who may need them the most and you may very well walk away with a new friend or special bond.

May this holiday season be merry and memorable!

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