5 Small Upgrades That Can Make a Huge Difference When Listing Your Home

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Most homeowners don’t have the extra time or money to entirely renovate a house before listing it for sale, nor do they typically have the desire to renovate. The new homeowners will likely want to personalize the home to their own specifications, and few sellers want to put extreme effort into a home that they don’t plan on staying in. However, a small facelift can make the home considered “turn key” and will also make a world of difference when it is time for potential buyers to view the home. Here are small and fairly cheap upgrades that can be made to a home before listing it for sale.

Light Fixtures

Dated light fixtures can make a house look older without looking classically trendy. A quick stroll down the lighting aisle of your local Lowes or Home Depot will prove to be profitable when potential buyers see that care has been taken to keep the fixtures overhead stylish and won’t break the bank.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing screams “untidy” faster than walls that need some immediate TLC. While it is typical that new homeowners will want to paint walls with their own desired theme or palette, seeing walls that are in need of a new coat will make the task seem more daunting. Fresh walls look more like a blank canvas than a hurdle. A new paint job also includes shutters, front doors, and any trim that needs freshened up.


Tidying up your yard and planting a few new shrubs or flowers can heighten the curb appeal when people come to view the property. A messy hard can look like a large project to a potential buyer. Making sure mulch is fresh, hedges are trimmed, flower beds are weeded and grass is properly trimmed can make the house feel much more welcoming to anyone who steps in front of the property.


This can be slightly more costly than the other suggestions on this list, but can be a total game-changer for someone who is highly motivated to sell their home for the biggest profit. Out-of-date carpeting, tile or laminate can be another task that looks like a big project to someone who is anxious to get into their new home. Replacing these items in at least the common, shared areas will give the house a much cleaner and appealing appearance.

A Deep-Cleaning

When upgrading flooring and light fixtures and paint isn’t an option, do not underestimate the miracles that can be worked from a good deep-cleaning. Making sure walls and cabinetry have been thoroughly wiped down and disinfected, shower tiles and grouts have been scrubbed of all build-up and new caulking has been set, carpets and tiles have been steamed, windows have been properly cleaned, and the outside of the home has been pressure-washed can at least give potential buyers the peace that this home has been well-cared for and kept up with.

These suggestions can prove valuable because they allow a lot of room for potential buyers to come in and make their own upgrades and renovations without the seller having to invest much money into the home before placing it on the market, but still leaves a more desirable-looking home for buyers to view.

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