10 Things To Remember Before Your Move

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10 Things People Forget to Do Before They Move

Moving is a fun and exciting time. It can also be a time that you can be a little more stressed than normal. Trying to get everything packed up and wrapped up so that you can move to a new location is stressful. However, we hope that this list will assist you in ensuring you get all the Is dotted and the ts crossed.

Create a moving task list

If you have hired people to come in and help or if family and friends are going to help. You will save a lot of time with a nicely arranged task list. This list will list out the tasks that you need to complete and in what time frame. List from top to bottom on where to start and finish. For example, you don’t want to pack up your kitchen first because you will most likely be needing that stuff. But the bedrooms are a good place to start and dining room. While you might find yourself eating on the floor for a few nights, this is pretty common by the way, you know that your packing efforts are moving along. This will help you and your crew stay on task to get everything done on time.

Collect Important Documents

Get copies of your children’s birth certificates, copies of medical records for the family, dental records, have school records transferred. All these documents are easy to have transferred but if you don’t know who to transfer to you can usually get copies to bring along with you.

Take care of your pets

Many homeowners forget to take care of their pets during a move. Things get so crazy but we have to remember they don’t understand what is going on. Be sure to stop and take time for them so they feel more at ease with the situation.

Repurpose items you no longer need

Why pay to move things that you no longer need. Before you have anyone come to help, you should go through the closets and purge. This can be donating to a charity or sometimes things are at the end of the lifespan. Purging means less stuff to move and keeps the costs down.

Stock up on Free Boxes

To save on the costs of moving, you should let people know that you are in need of boxes. Many people have boxes coming in that they can save for you. This will save on the cost of packing supplies.

Pack an Essentials Box

Similar to an overnight bag. Once you get to your new place, you might not have the energy to unpack that first night. But, you will need things such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes as well as a change of clothing and chargers.

Label the boxes!

This will make life unpacking so much easier.

Redirect the Mail

This is an easy process but often is forgotten.

Having a Plan B

While we would hope that the move would go as planned. You should have some options in mind should the move-out and move-in dates start to slide a bit. 

Hidden Cash

We have learned that people stash cash in crazy places. If this is you, be sure to clear out your stashed cash so you don’t leave a big tip for the next owner.

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