10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Don’t Want to Forget

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Spring is around the corner! Many of us are in high anticipation of the warmer weather, snowless forecasts, and an electric bill that doesn’t reflect furnace use. As we look forward to wrapping up winter and preparing our minds and homes for the sometimes-dreaded spring cleaning, here are some chores that we don’t want to overlook.

  1. Change Your Filters– It should already be a habit to change out the filter to your HVAC system on a regular basis (at least every two to three months) and your water filter every six months. It may as well be a part of your springtime routine so that you more easily remember when it is time. After all, what better time than after the furnace has been running for months?
  2. Clear Your Gutters– The snow and ice have a tendency to bring a lot of extra debris to our gutters. Springtime is a great time to remember to break out the ladder and get the gutters cleared or hire someone to do so.
  3. Clean Up High– The best place for dusty allergens to hide is places up high- ceiling fans, light fixtures, doorframes, and cobwebs in the corners. Make sure to make time to bust out a high-reaching duster to clean these places. There is no sense in leaving the dust to pile on top of all the other things that make us sneeze in the spring. 
  4. Hire a Chimney Sweep– Dirty chimneys and fireplaces can be a big fire hazard, and it’s safe to say the fireplace won’t be getting quite as much use in the warmer months, so this is a perfect opportunity to have a professional come to clean these spaces out. Don’t forget that wood-burning stoves need a deep clean in the springtime, too!
  5. Landscape– May as well get a jump start on landscaping if we are going to make the most of Spring! Spring cleaning should include some fresh mulch, a few new plants, and maybe some new stones or bricks around your landscaping to give it a clean and sharp look.
  6. Clean Windows– Nothing can take away from the look of a clean house more than dirty windows. Whether you hire professionals to clean your windows or opt to do it yourself, this is a task that you don’t want to fall through the cracks. The winter weather can take a toll on your windows.
  7. Change or Clean Drapery– This can freshen up the appearance of the inside of the home as well as any lingering smells from the cooking or burning of candles or cozy fires that were enjoyed during the winter months. 
  8. Inspect Air Conditioning– This is a good time to go ahead and inspect your air conditioning and make sure it doesn’t require any maintenance or other care. You don’t want to find out there is anything wrong with it when the hot months hit.
  9. Inspect Roof– Saying “goodbye” to the snow usually comes with a trade-off: saying “hello
    to the rainy months. You’ll want to inspect your roof to make sure it did not encounter any damage through the winter months and that you won’t be getting any surprise leaks.
  10. Power Wash Siding– Finish off your spring cleaning with a good power wash. Snow and ice can leave a lot of residue on the sides of our homes that you’ll want gone when it’s time to be outdoors, enjoying your home from the outside. 

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