10 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Move-in Day

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You have found an amazing place but you need to ensure that you and the landlord are on the same page. Each landlord has their own expectations. You as a renter have your expectorants but are they on the same page?

Is there a pet policy and will you need to pay a pet deposit?

You have pets, you need to upfront with your landlord. Talk to them about their pet policies so that you are on the same page. If they don’t allow pets, then you will need to find another place to live so that you can all remain as a family.

When can you expect the security deposit to be returned once you vacate the property?

Many people don’t have the first month’s rent and security deposit in the bank and readily available. Because of this, it is hard to move to the next location. If this is you, you need to know when you will get your security deposit back and might have to find an alternative place to stay until that comes through.

Who’s responsibility is it to care for the yard and walkways?

This might be in the lease but you can always discuss with the landlord concerns you might have. If you are responsible and don’t own any equipment, it might make sense to find a local landscaping company that can come and mows and trim for you.

What are the rules overall?

Can you have guests and overnight guests. Is it okay to have loud music, installation of a satellite dish? What about the internet, what are your options. Most of us need internet for our jobs and you certainly need to ensure that is possible at the place.

When is rent due and how do you pay the landlord?

Payment method and how to get the payment to your landlord should be discussed. You should also discuss if there is a grace period for your payment and if there is, how long is that?

What are the conditions of breaking the lease?

While it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, there are many reasons why you might have to break the lease. The future is unknown, so you should fully understand what it is that you are agreeing.

What is the security deposit and rent amount?

This will be in the lease but if you haven’t gotten that far yet, then you should ask. Don’t assume that it will be what the average is in the area for that type of home. 

Are the utilities in the rent?

Sometimes the utilities are in the rent. Other times there are only a few utilities in the rent. You need to ask what is included in the rent. Ask about water and trash pick up too.

What type of parking is for you and your guests?

Where are you going to park? Is it possible to get your groceries in without a workout? You need to find out where your guests would park as well. This is more important for some than others.

Does the landlord come by often?

You should understand what is expected and how often your landlord might stop by.

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