8 Tips for Moving Your Company to a New Location

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If you are considering moving your company, the first thing that is important is organization. This can be a good thing or it could get wildly out of control. Moving can be no easy feat and it will be stressful. However, if you hire the right moving company, then you have far less stress. They have moved businesses before and know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a look at the 8 tips we have for moving a company.

1. Keeping your employees in the loop

Your employees are a big part of this move. While you hire movers, the employees can certainly help pack up their offices. You should let them know months in advance. If you are moving close by, this might not affect them to much. But, if you are moving across town and it doubles their commute, you may lose some.

2. Plan early

Planning early cannot be emphasized enough. This will allow the moving company to work with you and your employees to determine the game plan. This is a project and the movers will treat it as such.

3. Clear things out

Moving is a good time to clear things out. Clear out old inventory that isn’t going to sell. Throw out office items that you no longer use or need. This will save on moving costs as they don’t have to be packed up.

4. Labels are your friend

Labels are your friend when you are moving. You cannot over label. Be sure that all boxes are clearly labeled. This allows the movers to know where to put them when they arrive in the new location.

5. Update the business information

This can be huge for your website rankings, for example. Many people don’t think about the effects of moving has on so many things. You will need to update your business information both online and off.

6. Create a timeline with the moving company

Creating a timeline will create movement in your move. While you are still trying to do business, you have to get your move going. It can be really easy to fall into a funk.

7. Notify customers of the move

You should notify your customers of your move and timeline. This needs to be done in various ways. You can send letters and postcards, announce on your social media and send emails. Be sure that you send to various parts of the customers’ departments.

8. Contact all vendors before moving

As with customers, you need to let your vendors know as well. Let them know where your shipping will be and what to expect when the trucks arrive. Be sure that you have proper dates as well.

While moving your business is going to be stressful but with the right moving company behind you, it is very possible. If your employees are on board, that makes things so much more simple as well. If you are interested in moving your business, this is a huge step. It is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but if you need the space it may be the best answer.

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